Microfridges, Cleaning Supplies, and Printers



To help keep costs down and provide a safe covenient way for heating up food and storing refridgatables, every room and suite in the residence halls has a microfridge unit with a combination refrigerator, freezer, and microwave. Each residence hall also has it's own kitchen with range, sink, and food prep area. Students bringing appliances to Olin may store them in their room but they can only be used in the community kitchen. For fire safety reasons, appliances other than the microfridge should not be used in personal living spaces.



The residence halls are all equiped with washers and dryers that can be used with coins or your Olin OneCard. If a washer or dryer is not working for any reason, please submit a workorder to that we can see what's going on. 



To help cut down on energy use and curb student printing costs, students have access to community printers in each of the residence halls. If the printer isn't working for any reason, submit a helpdesk ticket so that a technician can check it out.


Cleaning supplies

On each floor of the residence halls are community vacuums and cleaning supplies for your bathrooms. If you ever have a problem with a vacuum or need more cleaning supplies, submit a workorder so that we can check it out.