Mental Health Provider Information

Counseling is available to all currently enrolled Olin students. There is no out of pocket cost for Olin-sponsored counseling. Students can find information about Olin-sponsored counseling providers below, including information about how to schedule appointments. 

Students also have the option of utilizing private insurance to access mental health services independently, but should check with their provider for information about coverage terms and conditions. Note that Olin students are not eligible to use Counseling and Psychological Services at Babson.  

Frank Cares

Students may use counseling services through FrankCares by calling 833-434-1217 or visiting FrankCares counseling services are available free of charge 24h/day, 7d/week, and 365d/year for currently enrolled students; sessions are limited to 6/student/year. 

Colony Care Behavioral Health

Students may contact Laura Kinney at to schedule an appointment with a Colony Care provider when classes are in session. Visit the Colony Care website linked above for provider profiles.

Independent Counselors 

Appointments with independent counselors can be made when classes are in session.  

Robin Haas, LICSW (they/them)

Robin is a clinical social worker and a certified Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Coach. They work with people who want to live a healthier and more balanced life. Many come seeking counseling and guidance from Robin when struggling with anxiety, grief, sadness, loss, eating disorders, depression, and relationship issues. Robin has a number of specialties and works with the LGBTQIA and queer communities and with those seeking to transition socially, personally, professionally, academically, as well as medically. They can also provide help and support in navigating life, systems, and life changes. They have helped their clients negotiate interpersonal and familial relationship stress and also support clients as they find their way through recovery. They have worked on college campuses and in residence life. Students may contact Robin at or 617-818-4239 to request an appointment. Appointments are available via telehealth only.

Joya Lonsdale, LICSW (she/her)

Joya Lonsdale, LICSW (she/her/hers), is a bilingual (Spanish/English) psychotherapist with 15 years of experience. She has provided therapy to a diverse range of people (in terms of socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual identity, age, and nationality) at three urban community health centers, as well as in her private practice. She has worked more extensively with Latinx folks from all generations; immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers; and GLBTQIA+ teens and young adults. She has post-graduate training in Internal Family Systems therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR, and other mind/body approaches. Joya’s clinical interests include relationship issues, individuating from family, adapting to a new environment, depression, anxiety/panic, addictions, self-esteem, body image, interpersonal trauma, immigration trauma, and racial trauma. Her treatment approach focuses on partnering with clients to: 1) expand their capacity to feel their emotions without becoming overwhelmed or shutting down; 2) clarify their boundaries; 3) move through stuck patterns; and 4) heal the wounds of shame by cultivating curiosity and compassion for all parts of themselves and ceasing to exile aspects of who they are. If you would like to request an appointment with Joya, please contact her at or (401) 474-5618. Appointments are available via telehealth only.

Anna Tarkoff, LICSW (she/they)

Anna Tarkoff (she/they) specializes in working with queer and trans folx, including all members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Anna supports people who are exploring identity and expression, as well as those working on depression, anxiety, other mental health concerns. Anna uses an eclectic therapeutic style grounded in the client-therapist relationship. Their practice incorporates relational psychodynamic therapy, internal family systems (IFS), and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). They combine these modalities with a social justice- and trauma-informed lens, mindfulness, and a little bit of humor. Research shows that the most important driver of change is the therapeutic relationship. For this reason, Anna values openness and communication with clients to create a safe environment to test out new communication styles, practice new skills, and articulate authentic thoughts, feelings, and desires. Students may contact Anna at to request an appointment. Appointments are available via telehealth only.

Laura Zocchi, LICSW (she/her)

Laura Zocchi, LICSW is a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of anxiety, trauma, depression, grief, and life transitions. Laura has worked with LGBTQIA+ clients and Latinx clients in community health centers and private practice settings. She completed her graduate degree at Boston College and pursued a post-graduate certificate in the treatment of trauma from Boston University. In her work, she incorporates a variety of theoretical modalities including narrative psychotherapy, trauma-informed psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy as well as mindfulness-based practices. Laura is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and can provide services in English and in Spanish. Students may contact Laura at to request an appointment. Appointments are available via telehealth only.