Title IX Reporting Options

The Title IX Coordinator is responsible for coordinating Olin programs to comply with Title IX. This includes leading Olin’s efforts to respond to reports of conduct that could trigger Olin’s Sexual Misconduct Policy.

The Title IX Coordinator is also available to meet with any individual to provide information about the implementation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy (including the availability of interim measures, the investigation, and the resolution/sanction process), as well as discussing other resources within the Olin community and beyond. 

Guilene Prepetit
HR Generalist and Interim Title IX Coordinator
Olin College of Engineering
1000 Olin Way
Needham, MA 02492-1000

Sexual Misconduct Report Form

Non-Confidential Olin Reporting Options and Resources 

To report a violation, file a complaint, or seek information about the process under the Sexual Misconduct Policy, please contact the Interim Title IX Coordinator (See contact information in Section IV above).

Olin recognizes that an individual may feel most comfortable discussing incidents, situations, and/or allegations with Olin employees whom the individual knows well. It is important to note that Olin employees, other than the confidential resources described above, are considered “responsible employees” and are obligated by law to disclose all reports and relevant information committed by or impacting any community member, that is shared with them, to the Title IX Coordinator concerning: unlawful discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, and marital or parental status, as well as incidents and allegations of sexual misconduct (including, but not limited to sexual harassment, sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking), and/or retaliation. The Title IX Coordinator will then take the steps to provide the alleged victim with rights and resource information. Responsible employees must disclose all information they know related to a report of potential sexual misconduct including the names of the alleged victim and perpetrator (if known), any witnesses and any other relevant facts including, the date, time and specific location of the alleged incident. Responsible employees include all full or part-time faculty, staff, administrators, and employees at Olin. Resident Resources (R2’s) are also considered responsible employees. 

To the extent possible, information reported to a responsible employee will be shared only with the Title IX Coordinator and those who assist in the implementation of Olin’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and procedures. If the incident is an emergency or poses a serious or continuing threat, the responsible employee should first call Babson/Olin Public Safety immediately. If the incident is not an emergency or does not pose a serious or continuing threat, the responsible employee should not share information with law enforcement without the alleged victim’s consent or unless the employee is otherwise required by law to do so. 

Once a responsible employee learns about an incident, allegation or receives a report, Olin is on notice and then may be required to investigate. In some instances, the alleged victim may express a desire that Olin not investigate the incident. The Title IX Coordinator will strongly consider the request, and will generally honor the request except in limited circumstances where the safety and well-being of the individual and/or the community outweigh the reasons for the request. For information regarding requests for confidentiality or no investigation see Section VI.A.1. 

Whenever possible, responsible employees will disclose their duty to report incidents before someone reveals information about an incident. Olin encourages individuals to speak with a responsible employee so that an incident can be looked into and properly resolved.

Criminal Reporting Options

Individuals who believe that they may have been victims of a crime may file a criminal complaint with the Babson/Olin Public Safety (781.239.5555) and/or the local police department (911) where the incident occurred.  An individual may make both a criminal complaint and a complaint to Olin under its Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Olin encourages individuals to report incidents to the police so the police can take appropriate measures to help individuals and prevent future crimes.  However, individuals are never required to report an incident to Babson/Olin Public Safety or the local police.

Babson/Olin Public Safety

Phone: 781.239.5555 – Non-emergency Anonymous Tip Line: 781.237.8164

Emergency Call Boxes are located across Babson and Olin to contact Public Safety

Babson College, Babson Park, Massachusetts 02457

If an individual wishes to file a report on campus, a trained investigator at Babson/Olin Public Safety will be available to meet and receive a report. It is the policy of the Babson/Olin Public Safety Department to ensure consistent standardized procedures for the investigation and prosecution of all sexual misconduct claims. Officers and investigators are trained to respond, support, and collaborate with local health and law enforcement to help preserve evidence should an individual wish to pursue a criminal prosecution in addition to other protective orders available through the court system. 

Needham Police Department

Phone: 781.455.7570

99 School Street, Needham, MA 02392

Massachusetts State Police

Phone: 781.431.5050

470 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA 01702

District Attorney Office – Victim Witness Coordinator

Phone: 781.830.4800

45 Shawmut Rd, Framingham, MA 01702

If an individual would like assistance in filing a report with local law enforcement, Babson/Olin Public Safety will be available to provide assistance. Additionally, if an individual wishes to file a report with off-campus authorities, they may choose to go directly to the local police department. Transportation to the police department is available through Olin. One may also choose to have the police come to Olin’s campus. If this option is chosen Olin can arrange for a discreet and private place to meet for this purpose. By filing a report, you are not committed to seek criminal prosecution. However, Olin will evaluate its obligation to conduct an internal investigation as described in Section VI.A.1 below.

Government Reporting Options

If one wishes to file a complaint of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, including, but not limited to, sexual misconduct, sexual violence, relationship violence, stalking, and/or retaliation, outside of the College or in addition to a complaint filed under Olin’s Sexual Misconduct Policy, contact one of the government agencies listed below.

U.S. Department of Education (DOE), Office of Civil Rights (OCR)

Phone: 617.289.0111

5 Post Office Square, 8th Floor, Boston, MA 02109

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Phone: 617.565.3200 / 800.669.4000

475 Government Center, Boston, MA 02203

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination

Phone: 617.994.6000

One Ashburton Place, Suite 601, Boston, MA 02108