Courses and registration for new students

First-year students are always curious about what courses they will be taking at Olin and how they will register.  Don’t worry!  When it comes to registration for first-year students, we strive for the ‘happiness factor.’ Relax and enjoy the summer!

In case you still want to know more, here are the basics:

  • All first year students enroll in the same set of “like” courses
  • You’ll be enrolled in cool topics like "Introduction to Sensors, Instrumentation, & Measurement", "Modeling and Simulation of the Physical World", and “Design Nature”
  • If you want to know more about courses you’ll be taking during the first year check out the Semester Offerings and Course Listings 
  • You will also participate in a preference based Arts, Humanities and Social Science Foundation course.  More information on course titles will be available when you arrive during Orientation.
  • Additionally, you will find the First Year Seminar, called the “OFYI” for Olin First Year Introduction on your schedule in September. This 1 credit course was co-designed by Olin students and covers everything from working in teams to helping you write a resume that will help you get your first internship.
  • Lastly, you can elect to join the Olin Conductorless Orchestra for 1 more credit in the fall semester. We will fill in interested students during orientation!

Welcome to Olin and see you soon!


Registrar's Office Contact information: or 781-292-2340