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Study Away Resources

This section provides important information for students who are planning to go away, students who are currently studying abroad, or students who have recently returned from an aboard experience.

Finding a Study Away Program

The following sites provide some additional information about studying aboard.  Search for a desired study aboard program or simply find out more information about what is available and what it takes to go aboard.

 Study Abroad Reviews and Feedback

Study Abroad Program Reviews
  • Abroad 101
    A study abroad program review website created by Tufts, Harvard, &MIT grads that enables you to narrow down the program search by browsing student feedback on thousands of programs. Abroad101's evaluations and rankings cover everything from academics to housing, safety, and culture. You can also read reviews from and contact returned students from other schools throughout the country to ensure that you select the best program for your needs.
  • Institute of International Education
    This site is great for searches based on country, language and area of study.
  • Study Abroad.com
    Students can search for programs by any number of constraints including time length, internships, and personal background.
  • Council on Standards for International Educational Travel
    The CSIET Advisory List contains information about 64 international youth travel and exchange organizations. Each organization's listing includes: countries served, brief program.



Full-time Study Away (which requires pre-approval) counts as one of the eight scholarship semesters. The student is maintained as full-time at Olin and is expected to pay Olin tuition after the merit scholarship and any additional costs associated with any such activity at the host institution including any tuition exceeding Olin's, room, board and fees if applicable.

Financial Aid

Students receiving  need-based aid and/or Federal loans are able to use this funding while studying away from Olin.  A Consortium Agreement is required to determine eligibility.   Please contact finaid@olin.edu for questions regarding your financial aid.

Sample of online resources:

    Good general information from NAFSA (The Association of International Educators) about the costs of study abroad and how to fund your study abroad experience.
  • Study Abroad.com
    Studyabroad.com has created this page with links to various study abroad funding opportunities.
  • Institute of International Education
    IIE has created an online directory, featuring hundreds of scholarships, grants, and fellowships to help students pay for undergraduate and graduate study or research outside of the United States. The funding opportunities are searchable by host country, field of study, and other categories, such as race & ethnicity or gender.
  • Boren Scholarship
    This scholarship focuses on "geographic areas, languages, and fields of study that are critical to U.S. interests and underrepresented in study abroad".
  • Gilman Scholarship
    This scholarship is for students who are already receiving Federal Pell Grant funding.
Health and Safety Information

It is important to recognize that certain risks may be present while traveling abroad. Local customs and laws are not necessarily the same as in the United States, so prior to traveling abroad, be sure to fully research laws and potential safety risks for your destination(s).

The U.S. Department of State maintains a travel information website for Americans, including travel warnings. You should always consult the State Department website before traveling to any foreign country to obtain the latest travel updates. O

Additional websites:

  • International Travel Information
    This website has information for people traveling abroad, including travel warnings, public announcements, consular information sheets, and country background notes.
  • Centers for Disease Control
    This website hosts information about immunizations and lists health-related risks present in your destination country.