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Mechatronic Marionette

For this project the Olin team worked to build a mechatronic marionette, which is designed to be a polished, interactive art piece.  The aim was to create a system of motors or servos that could be used in combination with an arduino to control our marionette-like puppet, all of which is contained within a display case.

​There are several different user interfaces that we found interesting.  The simplest was the a panel of buttons, that we ultimately used, which has the marionette perform pre-programmed motions.  

The entire system is encased in a display case. The bottom box acts as a stage for the puppet and houses the power and electrical components for the buttons inside. Running up a front post behind the curtains and into the top box are the wires necessary to connect the buttons and power to the arduino uno and two motor shields. 

The top box contains the mechanical and electrical systems with eight  motors that are connected to the motor shields and controlled by the code run on the arduino. There are four static motors that control spooling of the shoulders, waits and knees. The other four motors are to bring motion to eha rms: two for spooling and two for laterial motion on a rack and pinion. 

The puppet is suspended from the spools and hangs down so that its feet rest on the stage. When a button is pressed, the puppet performs the corresponding motion.

There's plenty more information on the project website. 


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