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Cost of Attendance

The annual “Cost of Attendance” is determined by adding up all costs –both those billed by the college and other costs incurred by the family – for the academic year.  As a result, the cost of attendance used to determine aid eligibility is slightly higher than what is actually billed to you:

2016-17 Billed Expenses

Tuition $46,800
Room $9,500
Meal Plan $6,300
Olin Health Insurance  $1,443
Student Activity Fee $180
General Fee $350
Laptop Fee* $2,656

Unbilled Expenses

Books and Supplies $300
Travel $1,300
Personal $453

Total Cost of Attendance
Before Financial Aid


 * The Laptop Fee is charged in the first year only. This cost is inclusive of sales tax and is billed in 2 installments.

The costs for students enrolled in the 4+1 program can be found here.