Billing & Payments

Costs for 2023–2024

All student account inquiries should be directed to Student Accounts via email or call (781) 292-2429.

Bill Payment

Fall bills will be mailed to students' permanent address by July 1st and are due August 1st. Spring bills will be available on the portal by November 1st and are due December 1st. For complete details regarding tuition and fees, please refer to the ‘Costs'  above. Late payments are subject to a $150 late fee.  

Checks may be sent to

Olin College of Engineering
Student Accounts
1000 Olin Way
Needham, MA 02492

Outside Scholarship Checks:

You must notify the financial aid office of any outside scholarships you receive. Checks payable to Olin College should be sent to the address above.

One Time Payments

Domestic and International Students can pay their tuition in full by echeck or using a credit card via Nelnet Campus Commerce at International Students will be directed to Convera (formerly Western Union) to process payments from banks outside of the US.

Payment Plans

Students can sign up for a payment plan each semester to spread payments over 5 months. Plans do not automatically roll over so you must re-enroll in a new plan each semester. There is no interest or prequalification to sign up for a payment plan but there is a $60 enrollment fee each semester in which you choose to enroll.

Fall semester plan: Payments due July 15 – November 15

Spring semester plan: Payments due December 15 – April 15

Please refer to your student account statement for the correct budget amount when enrolling in your plan. Nelnet does not have access to your student account. Up to date statements are available through the student portal 

Refund Policy

Students who are officially approved by the Office of Student Affairs & Resources to withdraw or take a leave of absence may be granted a refund of tuition and room & board only.  Fees are not refundable unless the student leaves prior to the first day of instruction. Health Insurance is generally non-refundable once the plan begins. The cost of the laptop computer* is non-refundable once delivered to the student  Students who are dismissed due to disciplinary action will not be entitled to any refund.  Students who leave Olin College without approval are not entitled to a refund.  Approved withdrawals or leaves may be eligible for a refund based on the following schedule:

  • Leave prior to 1st Day of Instruction - 100% refund

  • Leave prior to the 20th Day of Instruction - 75% refund

  • Leave up to the 33rd Day of Instruction - 50% refund

  • Leave after the 33rd Day of Instruction - 0%

The refund policy also applies to any Olin institutional financial aid (merit and need-based aid) that was previously awarded for the semester.  Olin institutional financial aid is refunded to the College using the percentages referenced above Federal need-based aid will be refunded based on the Federal Title IV refund process. Students are not eligible to receive cash or credit for any unused portion of the Olin Tuition Scholarship under any circumstances.  Olin College will adhere to any provisions and refund policies set forth by outside scholarship agencies.  Any balance created because of scholarship returns or financial aid refunds is immediately due.

*Note: The laptop computer is billed in two installments during the first year (one in July for the fall semester and one in November for the spring semester).  The student is responsible for full payment of the laptop.  Therefore, if a student leaves Olin College in their first year, he or she must make a full payment for the laptop and the applicable Massachusetts sales tax prior to departure. 

Financial Aid and Loan Refunds

Students that have an overpaid account due to federal financial aid or loan proceeds will be issued a refund within 14 days after the semester begins or 14 days from receipt of the funds within a semester.

Health Insurance

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires students to be covered by a comprehensive health insurance program. At Olin College, we offer a UnitedHealthcare Student Resources plan managed through University Health Plans (UHP). The UHP website provides information regarding the insurance policy benefits and details of coverage which begins in mid-August and continues for 12 months. All students are billed for student health insurance. However, the charge will be reversed upon timely completion of an insurance waiver. The waiver certifies that equivalent coverage will be maintained during the enrollment period. 

The waiver period opens on June 1st and closes on August 15th. If a waiver is not on file with UHP by August 15th, the student will be irrevocably enrolled in the student insurance plan and will remain responsible for payment of the premium on their fall bill. Students can easily file their health insurance waiver form or enroll in the UnitedHealthcare Student Resources plan online at Be sure to have your student ID# available.

Please note, an insurance waiver must be completed each year in order to have the charge removed from the student bill.

If a student's insurance is cancelled at any point during the academic year they are required to notify Student Accounts within 60 days of the loss of coverage. Olin's UnitedHealthcare Student Resources plan will be available at a pro-rated cost for students who lose coverage mid-year. Please consult Student Accounts for applicable rates. Payment is due immediately.

Massachusetts State Requirements

In order to waive participation in the Olin-sponsored policy your insurance must meet the following requirements:

  • The policy must be a US health insurance plan that is filed and approved in the US.
  • The policy must provide coverage for the entire academic year with no break in coverage.
  • The policy must be in full compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and provide minimum essential coverage as defined by the ACA including:
    • The policy must provide an unlimited policy maximum.
    • The policy cannot have a pre-existing condition limitation.
    • The policy must provide emergency and non-emergency local coverage in the area of the College.
    • The policy must provide an unlimited maximum for mental/behavioral health care for inpatient and outpatient services

Olin College does not allow certain students to waive off the Qualifying Student Health Insurance Program (QSHIP). If the student falls under one of the following categories they are ineligible for waiver and will be automatically enrolled:

  • Students with coverage from insurance carriers based outside the United States or coverage by foreign National Health Insurance programs. 
  • International student insurance plans such as ISO, PSI and Student Medicover (these plans are not ACA compliant, are not filed in the US and are not eligible for a waiver.) 
  • Students with a health insurance plan, such as out of state HMO and EPO plans, that provide coverage through a closed network of providers not reasonably assessable in the area where the student attends school, for all but emergency services; or
  • Students with a Health Safety Net, MassHealth Limited, or Children’s Medical Security Plan.
  • Travel insurance and short-term limited duration plans are not accepted.

U.S. Veterans Education Benefits

Notice: Effective February 1, 2023, Olin College no longer participates in the GI Bill Program.

Olin College of Engineering is approved for the use of GI Bill education benefits. Veterans and eligible dependents who are accepted into a degree program at Olin and who also may qualify for the GI Bill should contact the United States Department of Veterans Affairs at 1.888.442.4551 or visit the VA website at for the GI Bill application process.

A statement of Olin policy around VA benefits can be found on the U.S. Veterans Benefits page.

Further questions may be directed to

Identity Theft Prevention Program

In compliance with the Federal Trade Commission's Red Flag Ruling, Olin College has an established program to detect, prevent, and mitigate identity theft in connection with relevant administrative procedures related to student accounts.

Incidental Charges

In addition to Tuition and Fees, Olin College reserves the right to charge the following to a student's account:

Returned Check Fee (paper check or e-check)$30

Replacement ID$30

Late Departure Fee $50 per hour

Replacement Key/Lockset Core Replacement$35/$75

Replacement Diploma$100

Babson Public Safety notifies Student Accounts of any unpaid parking fines. Parking fines are due immediately. Payment can be made by OneCard, check or cash in the Financial Affairs office MH300.

Facilities Services notifies Student Accounts of any dormitory and/or replacement key charges which are then charged to the student account. Payment is due immediately and appeals may be made through Facilities Services.

Summer housing in the Olin residence halls

  • Summer housing is valued at $350 per week for 2022.

  • Olin students working and living on Campus over the summer will have the value of housing included in their taxable income and applicable taxes withheld.

  • Summer stipend recipients should consult a tax advisor as the summer award and associated housing are considered taxable income. Students are responsible for payment of applicable taxes.

  • Others living in the Olin residence hall over the summer will be charged $350 per week. Note that paid summer housing may not be available every year and is dependent upon space.

Olin Dollars

"Olin Dollars" is a feature of your Olin ID/OneCard. Olin Dollars act as a debit account for students to purchase items and services at the mailroom.

"Olin Dollars" can be purchased at using your network credentials or you can purchase dollars with a check or cash at Financial Affairs, located in MH-300. Parents can deposit funds to their student’s OneCard account via Parents will need three simple pieces of information, (1) the student’s first name, (2) the student’s last name and (3) the student’s 16 digit ISO # located on the student’s ID card. This feature will be available for new students once they are issued their ID cards on arrival day.

"Olin Dollars" program details are subject to change.

Personal Property Insurance

The college is not responsible for the personal property of students while in the Residence Halls. To obtain personal property insurance, please contact National Student Services, Inc. at (800) 256-6774 or visit their website at for more information or to apply.  Brochures are also mailed out each May.