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Engineering for Everyone

Olin College Reveals its 2022-27 Strategic Plan

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Four students pose for a photo outside in front of a building with glass windows.

Engineering for Everyone has two embedded meanings.

First, it means engineering education needs to be for everyone. Today the NSF calls for broadening participation because engineering education systematically excludes large groups of people, to the detriment of individuals, societies, and economies.

Engineering for Everyone also means that engineering as a profession must serve everyone. We need to go beyond a disciplinary perspective of engineering, and beyond the definition of engineering as “using science to solve technical problems.”

Gilda A. Barabino, PhD


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This is a plan that builds on Olin’s history and strengths: our emphasis on a human-centered approach to engineering; our early commitment to gender equity; our willingness to try something new, make mistakes, and learn from them; our position as a leading innovator in engineering education.

It also is a plan that will require Olin to grow and learn. Making progress will require humility, partnering with and learning from those who know more and have done more. And it will require activating and engaging all parts of the Olin community—from students to staff to faculty to friends to alumni.

Campus doings

Four people casually stand in a row outdoors, two holding "Welcome to Olin" signs.

Welcoming new Oliners to campus.

A student with pink hair eats a piece of pizza from a paper plate outside during an event on campus.

Attending Summer Movie Nights.

Two students play instruments, one a blue bass and the other a white guitar.

Jamming with OCO during EXPO.

A woman in a black sweater and face-mask leans over a table while pointing to a poster laying flat.

Co-designing in Collaborative Design.

A student wearing a black face-mask plays cards with a friend in the Library.

Gaming with fellow Oliners.

Five Olin alumni pose for a photo outside during Alumni Weekend 2019.

Reconnecting at Alumni Weekend.

A student holds a mic while presenting a project in the Norden Auditorium during SCOPE Summit 2022.

Presenting at SCOPE Summit.

A student wearing a powder blue "Olin College of Engineering" t-shirt and glasses looks off camera while working on a 3D printing project.

3D printing in the MAC.

A group of students dressed in royal blue and black clothing perform a song in front of a class of students.

Singing with heart during Spring Expo.

Eamon Ito-Fisher ’23, a participant in the pilot STEP class, talks to members of the course.

Piloting innovative Olin courses.

A group of people bend down to place stones into a large metal cylinder as part of a community cairn.

Coming together as community.

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Advancing engineering as a bridge to equity, opportunity and progress for humanity on a global scale