Student Life

Resources and support to help Olin students learn, explore, and create their own paths

At Olin, we know that learning happens everywhere – and that college is more than a place to attend classes. It’s where you live, discover and explore. Olin provides resources and support to help every student succeed in and out of the classroom.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience at Olin. We do that by helping students experience learning not just in formal and technical settings, but as explorers and creators who design their own path.

College life can be a big adjustment as students transition from living at home to living on their own. The Office of Student Affairs and Resources (StAR) offers guidance, resources and support to help make that transition easier, and help students grow and succeed.

Resources to help students be healthy, well-balanced, and successful

Maintaining intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being is an important part of succeeding in college and in life.

Olin offers offer resources and support to help busy, engaged students sustain a healthy balance in all parts of their lives.

A great community and great places to live, study, and thrive

Olin offers a supportive campus environment that promotes personal development through a tight-knit community. Olin addresses all parts of life on campus with safe and welcoming places to live, study, and plan for your future.  

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Opportunities to explore, connect, and discover

Pursuing what you love can drive the richest learning experiences. It’s an idea that we embrace passionately at Olin. From Archery Club to Zine Club, community service to study away opportunities, there are many ways to be connected and involved with the Olin community.

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Student Clubs + Organizations

Here at Olin, there are a number of ways for students to get involved –from participating in Student Government, to volunteer and service opportunities, to joining a club or organization.

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Olin’s tight-knit and supportive community is one of our greatest strengths. As a community, we support one another in every way. As a college, Olin supports student success in the classroom and beyond.

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Being involved on campus is an integral part of the college experience. Here at Olin, there are a number of ways for students to get involved – from participating in Student Government, to volunteer and service opportunities, to joining a club or organization.

Student Affairs + Resources (StAR) at Olin

The Office of Student Affairs + Resources (StAR) supports and celebrates students and their unique and intersecting identities through intentional and purposefully inclusive support, education, programming, resources, and opportunities. The team works with and for students on their continuous development of social awareness and cultural consciousness in service of preparing them to become exemplary engineering innovators. 

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Meet the StAR Team

Dean of the College


Assistant Director of Post-Graduate Planning for Employer and Student Engagement


Community Services Librarian


Assistant Director for International and Post-Graduate Programs


Director of the Library


Associate Director of Student Equity and Access

Director of Post Graduate-Planning


Associate Director for Residential Life

Graduate Hall Director


Graduate Hall Director

Academic Life Administrative Assistant

Director of Wellness


Assistant Director for Accessibility & Advising

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs