Parent Leadership Council

A photo of a group of men and women in a conference room

Members of the Parent Leadership Council, Fall 2022

The PLC seeks parent representation from the incoming class at the end of summer around Move-In Day!

Each class has representation as well as parent representatives of alumni. The PLC provides a voice and volunteerism to support Olin. Parents of the incoming class who are interested can email:

Meet Our Active PLC Members

Executive Committee

  • Tim Commers P'23, Chair – Minnesota
  • Tim Goodall P'24, Chair-elect – Illinois
  • Jen Smilg P'24, Secretary – Ohio

2024 Representatives

  • Tammy Goldberg P'24 – Maryland
  • Tim Goodall P'24, Chair-elect – Illinois
  • Jyoti Mehta P'24 – 
  • Jen Smilg P'24, Secretary – Ohio

2025 Representatives

  • Lori Armstrong P'25 – Wisconsin
  • Mala Bhatnagar P'25 – New Jersey

2026 Representatives

  • Christine Chew P’26 – Washington State
  • Suresh Jatti P’26 – Connecticut
  • Soojung Kim P’26 – Maryland
  • Hemant Kothavade P’26 – India

Alumni Parent Representatives

  • Flo Abilheira P'23 - Rhode Island
  • Tim Commers P'23, Chair – Minnesota
  • Kunle Ogunbufunmi P'23 - Nigeria   
  • Sherry Davis P'20 – New York

To reach a PLC Member, please email: