Student Housing

Olin College wishes to provide a safe and supportive environment that promotes academic success, personal development, and involvement in campus life. The Residence Life team supports the College’s commitment to revolutionize engineering education by creating a seamless connection between experiences inside the classroom and life in the residence halls. 

Elsewhere in the dorms

Microfridges, Laundry Cleaning Supplies & Printers


To help keep costs down and provide a safe convenient way for heating up food and storing refrigerated foods, every room and suite in the residence halls has a microfridge unit with a combination refrigerator, freezer and microwave. Each residence hall also has its own kitchen with range, sink, and food prep area. Students bringing appliances to Olin may store them in their room but they can only be used in the community kitchen. For fire safety reasons, appliances other than the microfridge should not be used in personal living spaces.


The residence halls are all equipped with washers and dryers that can be used with coins or your Olin OneCard. If a washer or dryer is not working for any reason, please submit a workorder to that we can see what's going on. 


To help cut down on energy use and curb student printing costs, students have access to community printers in each of the residence halls. If the printer isn't working for any reason, submit a helpdesk ticket so that a technician can check it out.

Cleaning supplies

On each floor of the residence halls are community vacuums and cleaning supplies for your bathrooms. If you ever have a problem with a vacuum or need more cleaning supplies, submit a workorder so that we can check it out. 

Housing Selection 

All students who are assigned to an Olin campus residence hall are required to electronically sign a Housing and Dining Agreement. This document serves as an agreement that the student has read, and agrees to abide by, the Residential Housing and Dining Policies, and is liable for the rent for both the fall and spring semesters while they are a resident.

An assignment will not be made and is not valid until the student completes the confirmation form and receives confirmation by email. It is the student's responsibility to see that this entire process is completed.

See our 2022-23 Housing Agreement

Frequent Housing Assignment Questions

Incoming students complete a housing profile and are matched with a student through our holistic matching profiles.  Returning students select their room and roommates through the Room Selection process in the Spring.

The Housing Agreement is a common practice within college housing to establish expectations between the student and the college specific to living on campus.  

Typically, all students at Olin live in double rooms where they share a bedroom & bathroom with a roommate.  Returning students have the ability to select into the suites, where most students live in single rooms and share two bathrooms within their suite group.  A limited number of students with documented needs may live in single rooms should a single room be necessary based on their documented needs - this process is initiated with Disability Services.

In short... no, we encourage all incoming students to trust the roommate matching process to allow us to intentionally pair incoming students within the Frist Year community.

Your Room & Packing List

Tips on what to pack and what NOT to pack for your first year at Olin & an FAQ about living in the residence halls.

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A photo of a curved building with trees in the foreground

In Olin's residence halls you'll find a wide range of initiatives that aim to reduce Olin's carbon footprint. For example, every year Olin finishes in the top 20 Recyclemania Contest, a national recycling contest that measures how little (or much) each person is throwing away and how much of that waste is being recycled.

We also use centralized printers to reduce the amount of resources being used to support printing. The college meters each building to monitor energy use and the College's energy management team uses that data to identify areas of improvement. LED lights been installed throughout both residence halls which has helped lower maintenance costs and reduces the amount of CFLs being disposed of at the landfill.

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