Room Selection

All returning students are invited to participate in the Room Selection process for the upcoming academic year. 

Students select their housing via a randomly assigned draw number in groupings determined by their count of completed & on-going semesters of each student where senior-most select first.


Updated April 04, 2024 - floor plans posted & timeline of Room Selection Day updated

How are incoming students assigned to housing?

First year students complete a Housing Profile in June to be matched with a fellow incoming student. We review a series of matching questions to intentionally connect students both within their room and hallway. Incoming students typically receive a housing assignment in mid-July.

First Year Housing

Participating In Room Selection

  • Room Selection Registration and Proposed Configuration Form Opens
  • Friday, March 1 – Priority Date for registering housing accommodations
  • Tuesday, March 26 – ALL REGISTRATION CLOSES at 2PM
    • Last day to sign housing agreement
    • Last day to Propose Configurations such as a room or suite group
    • Last day for completed + on-going semester review requests
  • March 27-30 Random Draw Order Generated
    • Roommate & Suite Groups Approved 3/27, changes close morning of 3/29
    • Rolling waitlist approvals based on declines from individuals in multiple groups
  • April 4 – Announce Selection Order and Times
  • April 8 - Proxy Form Closes
  • April 10 – Selection Day (TIMES MAY CHANGE)
    • 11:00AM – 11:20AM: 8-Person Suite Selection

    • 11:20AM – 12:35PM: 7-Person Suite Selection

    • 12:30PM-1:00PM: Triple Room Initial Selection

    • 1:00PM – 2:00PM: Standalone Single Selection

    • 4:00PM – 5:30PM: Double Selection Part One

    • 5:30PM – 6:00PM: Dinner Break

    • 6:00PM – 7:30PM: Doubles Selection Part Two

  • April 11-17 – Dust Settling Period, no requests reviewed

Expectations & Standards

Select with Honor

The Honor Code at Olin College sets the expectation that ethics are not optional here, our room selection process has been designed to ensure equitable access to housing choice for all returning students within the limited available space.  Conversations among peers should never covey anything other than the utmost respect for your peers’ choices in room and suitemate, everyone has the right to say no and should only have to do so once.  Within Room Selection, the Honor Code values play heavily into how students should expect their peers to participate and communicate. 

Trust the Process

The room selection process is designed to bring together the 350+ individual students and their specific housing needs and fit them into the 262 physical rooms we have in East & West hall both equitably and with grace & privacy.  By design, you should not feel the need to share your housing needs with other students outside of the folks you plan to group with for rooms or suites.  You should not feel the need to learn the why behind your peers housing choices.

Communicate Honestly

It can be difficult to manage several different possible grouping scenarios across your various friends and peers.  Only propose groups you would truly live with - but propose as many configurations as you need to have a variety of pathways once the selection order is determined in April.  Regardless of this challenge, it is important to be honest with your peers when accepting or declining invites to groupings.

Room Selection Eligibility

Students must be in “Good Standing” with Olin

  • All student account balances must be paid in full or on a payment plan.
  • Immunization and Health Record submission must be completed.
  • Honor board or other conduct related sanctions specifically limiting room selection eligibility are possible and should be honored by the student.

Students must register for room selection

  • All students must review and sign the housing agreement prior to March 26th at 2PM
  • Students returning from LOA or WD must have tentative approvals for return

Students must be planning to enroll at Olin for Fall 2024

  • All resident students are required to be enrolled full time as an Olin student.
    • Students approved to study away in the Fall Semester do not participate in the Room Selection process.  In November, Residence Life will begin the process of working with you on finding best fit within available Spring housing.

All students at Olin College are required to live on campus and as such students are expected to pay room and board fees regardless of Room Selection participation.  Returning students are welcome to request exemption from the live-on requirement within the following guidelines:

  • Start the Housing Exemption process by emailing Dean of Students Alisha Sarang-Sieminski with the following details:
    • Your reason for seeking to live off campus
    • Your plan for success in living off campus
      • Where will you plan to live? (General area if specific location is not known)
      • How will you manage the commute to campus?
      • How will you stay an engaged member of the community?
      • How will you remain successful in your academic pursuits? 
  • For best consideration prior to room selection, forms should be submitted by March 26th at 2PM

Summary: If you are not living on campus in the Fall, do not participate in Room Selection.  You will still need to complete the Critical Information form to assure your data is up to date:

Based on the timeline of room selection, students should participate if they are unsure of their Fall plans.  However, if you have confirmed your plans to not be on campus in the Fall you should not participate in Room Selection.  If you select a room and then later confirm plans to study away or take a leave your room will be re-assigned to other students for the upcoming academic year.

  • If you are planning to take a leave of absence for the fall or academic year, please contact Adva Waranyuwat (The annual LOA email will be sent shortly with full details)
  • If you are confirmed to participate in a Fall away program or leave do not participate in room selection.
    • You will be contacted in November to begin planning housing for your return to campus.
    • If you do select a room, that space will need to be re-assigned for students present on campus – we will not hold space vacant for your spring assignment.
  • If you are on a waitlist for Fall away programs or considering a leave participate in room selection.
    • Once confirmed to be away from campus, your assignment will be forfeited.
    • Make sure to communicate with your planned room or suitemates that there is potential for you to not attend in the Fall, it is helpful for them to have a backup plan
    • Remaining students will receive an opportunity to request a change into this space
  • If you are planning to participate in a Spring away program or leave you need to participate in room selection for your Fall semester housing.
    • You will select via Room Selection and then in November we will begin collecting information on who is planning to depart for the Spring term.
  • If you are returning from a leave or withdraw, you must complete the Room Selection Registration to participate in room selection AND be approved to return from LOA or WD.


Due to the nature of student housing, we know there will be students away for various semesters.  It can be helpful to work with your friends to develop ideas of who will request to fill into spaces when folks are away.  Residence Life does not hold onto that information early nor does it guarantee we can meet all requests; we want to do our best to best provide housing to all students that meets their needs with intentional placement within the community.


Working on a scheme to end up in a specific situation for the spring semester? Take this into account!

  • Half full double rooms will be required to consolidate prior to departure in the Fall Semester.  This means if you choose to share a double room with a student graduating in December or going abroad for the Spring semester, you will either need to have a confirmed returning student assigned to move in or Residence Life will require you to consolidate to another half full double prior to departing for winter break.
  • This consolidation is being required to assure students returning from sophomore abroad program will have the ability to have intentional roommates and be housed in stand alone singles as required. 
  • Residence Life will start planning consolidation in November with the goal of having planned spring assignments for all folks who need to consolidate prior to winter break.
two people walking along sidewalk between west hall and great lawn on a sunny day

Room Selection Overview

1. WHO? Between now and March 26th your focus should be on forming who you are planning to live with. There will be several guided matching opportunities and informational sessions along the way with all students completing two forms prior to 2PM on March 26th.
2. WHERE? As soon as the WHO phase closes, the ResLife team will start finalizing the occupancy plan with numbers on triples, identifying single-able rooms, and updating floor plan diagrams. Now you can start to plan where you will be seeking to live.
3. THERE! On Wednesday, April 10th all approved configuration groups will be invited to room selection day with a specific start time. This is when you will select the exact room you plan to live in.

Who are you planning to live with?

  • StART Form:
    • Review & Sign the Housing Agreement for the 2024-2025 academic year.
    • Update your emergency contacts and campus directory listing among other data
    • Request semester count review & adjustments as needed.
    • Registration Closes March 26th at 2PM
    • This form should be completed by all students not graduating this year.  It includes off campus housing information and updates datapoints for students planning to study away in the Fall semester.
    • Once you know your room or suitemates, one group captain will utilize this form to propose your suite & room group configurations.
      • The person completing the form will need Olin ID number, Olin Email, First name (in use), and Last name (on file) for each group member.
    • All students can propose multiple groups and configurations
      • We approve all possible configurations and then allow you to confirm the ones you choose to confirm.  (More in later in Configuration Approval section)
    • Groups can be modified until the proposal deadline via the form
    • Proposed Configurations are due March 26 at 2PM
  • Affirm your housing accommodations with DSO by March 1st at 2PM
    • All students who currently have an accommodation to the assignment process will receive an email inviting to affirm plans for selection
    • Students who do not currently have an accommodation need to contact Disability Services to complete a new registration form.

Housing Accommodations

Students seeking a new exception to the housing assignment process due to documented disability-related accommodations should request accommodation through registration with Disability Services. For best consideration, accommodations should be registered prior to March 1st at 2PM. Residence Life works directly with Disability Services to develop an individual living plan for housing assignment. To contact Disability services, visit their section on our website: or email Students with accommodations currently on file should expect the ResLife or DSO team to check in via email prior to March 1st.

Disability Services @ Olin
sun reflecting off of milas hall zoomed in on northern most stairwell

Where are you seeking to live?

Check out our Residence Halls Page to learn more about our two residence halls.

Here are some frequent distinctions students point out when moving from West to East Hall.

  • Furniture Provided:
    • Slightly different furniture, most notably East Hall rooms do not include a bookshelf
    • East Hall rooms have closets instead of wardrobes
      • Note, East Hall triples have 2 closets and 1 wardrobe
    • Suites share a larger fridge & microwave instead of having one in each room
  • Most East Hall rooms are within suites of 7 bedrooms, 2 toilet rooms, 2 shower rooms, 2 sink areas, and a mini lounge area
  • East Hall has one large laundry room in the lower level

On this day, we email all students in the room selection process with all their approved configurations.

  • Students with multiple approved suite configurations need to accept which one they will utilize by the deadline in the email, usually 72 hours away.
    • We approve 4 8-person suites and 15 7-person suites in the first round, and then pull folks off the waitlist one group at a time as configurations are accept/declined.
    • Your initial email will also include if your suite group is in the waitlist queue - all proposed groups get added to the waitlist so long as their members are all registered for room selection.
  • Once configurations are approved, changes are typically not permitted. 
  • Students with approved triple and double configurations do not need to accept or decline offers.
    • Students are able to attend triple room selection and if the specific room they are seeking is not available, they can decide at that time to not select a triple and return during their double selection timeslot.
    • Students who accept suite configurations will have their double and triple configurations declined automatically prior to the generation of room selection timeslots.
  • Starting April 4th, triple, double, and single configurations will receive specific selection start windows.
  • Once all 4 8-person and 15 7-person groups are confirmed, then suite groups will receive specific selection start windows
  • Only one suite group member or roommate is required to attend
  • If no room/suite member is available, see proxy selection details

There! Wednesday April 10 you select where you plan to live with who you are planning to live with.

  • The Mezzanine and Cresent Rooms in the Campus Center serve as the selection hub all day.
  • Pre-Selection occurs during the day with floor plans updated.
    • Students with housing accommodations will be invited early in the day.
    • Triple Room Selection occurs over lunch by design – if the triple you would like is not available your group has time to reconfigure and join double selection that evening.
  • Prior to selection day, the Mezz becomes home to preview plans that display the planned usage of rooms in both residences.  During selection, a runner will update these plans as rooms are selected.
  • Students can check in at the Cresent room no more than 15 minutes prior to their selection time.
    • Students may get to select earlier than their time listed, but the order of selection will remain the same.
    • If a student fails to appear at their selection time, the process will move forward.  Late selections will only be entertained if time allows at the determination of Residence Life staff.
  • One student group at a time will be in the selection zone. 
    • Students seeking to view what rooms are available should do so on the Mezz.
    • Students are asked to move to check out once selection has been made.
    • Students selecting stand-alone singles may bring up to one friend to selection.
  • After selecting, all selections must be confirmed at check out.


When selection times are announced, students will be shared a proxy selection form.  This form is utilized to allow a friend or residence life to make your selection for you.  This form is only necessary when no member of your group can make the selection time you are assigned.  The form allows 3 ways to proxy:


  1. Phone In - this option involves us calling you at your selection time for a 3-5 minute call.  This tends to work really well for folks in a class who can quietly step out for a call.
  2. Send a Friend - this option involves an assigned friend to come AT YOUR SELECTION TIME to select your room.  This works great for folks who are in a different time zone. (this is the BEST option)
  3. Send us Notes - if all else fails, use this form to us all the notes you can so that we can make a selection at room selection for you.  You can still leave a number if you want us to attempt to call you at that time.


  • Proxy selection forms are due the day before your selection time: April 8th at noon.
  • We plan to notify students of proxy selection results at the time of selection, however if the selection process is delayed students may not find out the results of their proxy selection until the day after selection when a selection confirmation email is sent out to all students who participated in the selection process.


Proxy Selection Form:

floor plans on stands at dining hall mezzanine prior to 2023-2024 room selection day
Room Selection Process

Room Selection Process

  • Your points equal the number of completed semesters you have at Olin plus the on-going semester if you are currently enrolled.
    • Completed Semesters is all the semesters you are enrolled in coursework exceeding one credit hour at Olin or in an approved away program.
    • Ongoing Semesters is all currently enrolled students at Olin and currently on away/abroad experiences as of March 1st
    • Incomplete Semesters, those where a student left on a leave of absence or withdraw before the end of the semester, do not count in your points total.
    • Leaves of Absence & Withdraws (LOA & WD) semesters do not count in your point total.  Students currently on LOA or WD are eligible to participate but do not get a point for the current semester since they are not enrolled in coursework.
  • In your invite to the Room Selection Registration form, your count of completed + on-going semesters on record with Residence Life will be listed.  If this information is incorrect, you will have a chance to request this be reviewed within the Room Selection Registration form. 
  • Any corrections must be requested prior to March 26th at 2PM.
  • Triple Tie Breaker is a system where we nudge groups with same point totals ahead if they include 1 or more students who lived in a triple room during the current academic year.  These are not points but are designed to thank students for living in triple rooms.
  • Max 6 Individual Points: Once you have reached 6 points (usually Spring of Junior year) you have hit the maximum number of individual points.  This ceiling is designed to have all student selecting for their final year be equal in the process.
  • Students selecting into double and triple rooms or suites propose their group intent then have their points averaged as a group via the Proposed Configurations Form.
  • Groups are then stratified by average points accumulated to determine selection order.
    • For instance, a suite group with 3 seniors will select before a suite group with only 2 seniors, but if there are 2 groups with 3 seniors the random draw order of the 6 seniors across the two group will be reviewed to determine which group selects first.
  • Students with accommodations may be offered the ability to withhold their points from the group average.  This is designed to allow for a student whose needs can be met by a suite single to join a suite group without bringing the suite average down.
  • To select a space, groups must propose enough Fall semester students to fill space.  Incomplete groups will not be able to select into group spaces.
  • Groups with same point averages will be assigned a Group Draw Number at random.
    • For instance, if there are 3 groups of 7 seniors seeking suites, the three groups will be assigned a random number to determine which will select first, second, and third before a group with 6 seniors and 1 junior.
  • Triple Tie Breaker is used in the stratification of the groups.  If there are groups that have both an equal average of points and a triple tie breaker, these groups will be randomized for the draw order.  Triple tie breakers do not accumulate.

As an appreciation from the community, students who lived in a triple room during the 2023-2024 Academic year get a one time “nudge” in the room selection process.  Example: Should 1 or more triple room resident join a suite group and that suite group were to tie in average points with another group, the group with the triple resident will be nudged ahead in the selection order.  This is non-cumulative, meaning that groups with multiple triple residents get the same nudge as groups with one triple resident.  This nudge is only available in the selection for the year following your time in a triple room.


Residents who select a triple room at this room selection will be eligible for the Triple Tie Breaker nudge at the room selection for 2025-2026 should they end up actually living in a triple room.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Students must be approved to return prior to registering for room selection.  Once registered, please complete a proxy form to establish a selection plan if you won’t have a group member in person at selection.

A: Students who fail to participate in room selection will be sent a housing assignment form and will be assigned to available beds over the summer by Residence Life staff.

A: Our selection process is designed to give equitable access to students for the limited resource which is housing assignments.  While planning where you might best be able to select is a smart idea, the selection process does not take pre-planning efforts into account to assure equitable access through our process.

A: No, all incoming students are assigned housing after room selection closes.  We intentionally group incoming students to best bond the incoming class.

A: Yes, we do not have gender matching rules within housing.  Incoming students are assigned same gender matches except where otherwise requested via the housing profile, but within Room Selection any student can select with any other student as their room and/or suitemate.

A: We discourage selecting housing with a significant other as a breakup will not be considered a reason for a prioritized room change and during times of high occupancy, we will not be able to offer room change options.

A: Unfortunately, we are not able to hold space for students not living on campus in the Fall.  Students not on campus in the Fall will not select a room until November.

A: Students with single accommodations will receive a list of which spaces are available to them at room selection when floor plans are posted.  Our plan is to have at least one space identified as a single in each wing to optimize available choices during accommodation selection with a total number of spaces identified yielding at least three options for the final single selector.  After single selection, remaining singles become available at double selection.

A: Yes, after the Proposed Configurations form deadline planned housing usage will be shared to allow students to begin planning their options for selection day.  Triple groups will even have a chance to select a triple or decline a triple and move to double selection later that same day.

A: Shortly after proposed configurations are due, groups will be notified of their results due to the limited nature of housing.  These students will be given a short time period to re-group for double and triple rooms prior to selection times being assigned, but we encourage proposing a backup group for this reason.

A: No, single rooms outside of suites are held for students with accommodations or R2s, all other spaces outside of suites will be double or triple rooms.

A: Until the proposed configuration form closes, any changes can be made via the form.  After this point, only same-point changes will be approved – meaning you can swap a junior for a junior.  In these cases, anyone can veto the swap causing the entire configuration to be canceled.  If a group is canceled, the next proposed configuration on the waitlist will be offered space within the selection process.

A: No, selection times are not transferable to assure equitable access.

A: Students & groups are ranked via point totals, then a draw number is created using the Random Number function in Excel.  Students & groups are then ordered by the random draw number and time slots are assigned in ascending order.

A: Complete a proxy form to assign a friend or residence life to complete your selection for you.

A: Selection will not be paused to accommodate late selections.  If a window of time becomes available when late arrivals are present, they may be given the opportunity to select.  If not, students who miss their selection time will be assigned to available housing after selection closes.

A: After the dust settling period established to assure selections are properly recorded, change requests can be sent to Residence Life via

A: Contact Residence Life with a replacement assignment as soon as possible as the bed will be assigned to another student as needed.