Registrar's Office

The Registrar’s Office provides the administrative machinery for Olin’s Learning Continuum. Olin’s carefully crafted but always evolving curriculum demands management that is

  1. flexible enough to organize and record the many activities available to our students; and
  2. rigorous enough to protect the integrity of the Olin degree in its breadth and depth.

The Registrar’s Office is central to the College in its mission, its academic programs, its students and its faculty. The Office serves to implement the Olin curriculum as defined by the Faculty. As the repository of academic and enrollment records for the College, the Registrar's Office is also the conduit of information to those outside the College. 

Located in Campus Center 320, the Registrar’s Office is part of the Academic Life team at Olin and we work closely with the members of Student Affairs and Resources to support students during their Olin careers.  Want to know more?  Read about the Registrar team of Linda Canavan, Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Registrar, Angela Burke, Associate Registrar, and Suzanne Senackerib, Assistant Registrar

Transcript Requests

Official student transcripts are available through the Registrar’s Office.

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