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We are at an important moment in Olin’s history. Help strengthen Olin as we prepare to take on our next big challenge.

Since its founding, Olin College has undertaken an ambitious mission: to transform engineering education and prepare students to tackle the world’s most important challenges.

With the support of loyal donors, corporate partners, alumni, parents and families, we have made great progress on this mission. There is still so much more we can accomplish together.

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Olin's Impact In the World

Olin is committed to transforming engineering education and making a difference in the world. By all measures, our approach is succeeding.

In just over two decades, Olin has become a global leader in engineering education.

Olin educates engineers for real-world problem solving

We talk a lot at Olin about learning by doing and learning by reflecting. Learning requires that you try new things, sometimes make mistakes, and learn from your successes and failures.

Oliners grow as engineers — and as people

Learning isn’t just about acquiring knowledge and skills. It’s about developing who you are, how you approach the world, and how you connect to others. That’s why Olin students work in teams, make choices about what to work on, and reflect on the impact of their choices.

Olin is a place where everyone is a learner and an educator

We teach about the value of lifelong learning, and we live it by being an institution where students, faculty, staff, and administration all have opportunities to teach, learn, and evolve.


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Why I Give to Olin

Donating to Olin not only makes me feel connected to the community, but also helps ensure that the College is able to give to future students what it gave to me."

Zach Davenport

Class of 2020

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Engineering For Everyone

Engineering education needs to welcome and enable the success of people from all backgrounds. That means changing a lot - from the environment to the curriculum.

Making Olin more diverse, accessible and aware

We’re committed to a future where Olin is more diverse and equitable, where an Olin education is open to all, and where Olin looks more like the world at large.

The changes we’re making won’t be easy or comfortable. But they are important and necessary.

  • Promote equity as a value for the institution and for individuals

  • Increase our engagement with under-represented and underserved communities

  • Create new programs and collaborations that break the bubble of inclusivity

  • Remove barriers to an Olin education through increased need-based financial aid.

Areas to Support


Contributing to social and environmental good

Olin prepares engineers to tackle the social and environmental impact of their work.

Our students ask: “Who are we designing for? What are their values?”

Engineering a more sustainable future

Olin has made a focus on sustainability a key part of our commitment to transforming engineering education. One important step is our new  E:Sustainability concentration.

Building with, and for, people

Olin students have many options to deepen their understanding of the social impacts of engineering through values-driven and human-centric design.

We have much to celebrate, and there’s also much to be done.
Together, let’s rise to meet our next important challenge.

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2022 Annual Report

In these pages, you will read about how we have taken steps to strengthen our finances; how our faculty and staff shifted to meet the demands of the pandemic; and the innovative curriculum and exciting projects that resulted from that work. You will also read about our vision for the future.

Read the full 2022 Annual Report
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