Research Two college student standing in a green field collecting samples

Understanding Microbial Community Dynamics

Faculty Lead: Jean J. Huang

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Research A photo of a hand holding the cut up stuffing of a quilt

Thermal Conductivity of Quilts

Faculty Lead: Emily W. Tow

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Research A photo of the interior of a manufacturing plant

Textiles, Technology and the Return to Manufacturing in the United States

Faculty Lead: Caitrin Lynch, Debbie Chachra

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Research A photo of pieces of foam strew on the floor

Self-Defense Armor for Full-Force Impact, Scenario-based Self-defense Training

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Research A photo of a group of people in a classroom sitting at a table with laptops

Probably Overthinking It: A blog about data science and bayesian statistics

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Research A photo of a robotic fish sitting on white stand

Olin Robot Lab

Faculty Lead: David Barrett

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Research A photo of a white and yellow plastic robotic fish prototype with wires protrding from its back

Miniature Marine Robots for Collective Behaviors

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Research A graphic representation of materials informatics research

Materials Informatics Consulting

Faculty Lead: Zachary del Rosario

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Research A multicolor photo of people with differing abilities

Identity Development Among Adults with Acquired Disabilities

Faculty Lead: Jonathan M. Adler

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