Watts Water: Future of Water Infrastructure


Water demand will outpace supply by 40% by 2030, according to the U.S. Intelligence Security Assessment, affecting the ability of current water infrastructure to meet demand. Realizing this crisis, Watts Water Technology asked the Olin SCOPE team to explore opportunities to prevent Day Zero municipal water shortage events. The Olin SCOPE team showed that implementing onsite water reuse is going to become increasingly important in addressing the water gap. The team identified several possible strategies for Watts Water Technologies to address this water crisis through its current and future product lines. These recommendations highlight the need to update existing water infrastructure on both the building and municipal levels for potable and non-potable applications, as well as the potential for decentralized water treatment systems.

Faculty Advisor

  • Jessica Townsend


Team Members

  • Lauren Anfenson
  • Carlos Godinez
  • Katie Gosbee
  • Jamie Santiago 


AY22WWDZ_ArchivalPoster.pdf (14.45 MB)