Sustainable Investing: Developing a Novel ESG Tool for the Next Generation of Investors

Young investors are increasingly looking to find ways to integrate their personal values surrounding sustainability and social concerns with how they invest. However, with conflicting information and a culture of distrust, current values-based investing systems hinder the ability for new investors to align their investments with their values effectively. In response to this issue, our team has developed OVBI (Olin Value Based Investing), an experimental accessible and user-friendly values-based investing tool that could serve as a comprehensive method for evaluating and grading different companies based on their genuine practices. By providing a structured approach to values-based investing analysis, we have demystified the previously opaque data collection and ranking processes with the goal of making it more accessible to all, regardless of their financial expertise.   Record ID: 1110184.1.0

Faculty Advisor:

  • Lynn Andrea Stein

Team Members:

  • Emma Fox
  • Raúl Frías Pérez
  • Priscila Morales
  • Keanu Richards
  • Stella Stark

Project Poster

Five students with name badges in corporate lobby