SparkCharge Roadie V3 Environmental Hardening

Faculty Advisor: Lawrence Neeley

Sponsor: SparkCharge

A major obstacle to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles is the inability to refuel as efficiently as their internal combustion counterparts. SparkCharge, a leader in mobile EV charging solutions, currently serves markets across the United States, with services ranging from out-of-charge assistance to large-scale fleet charging. To ensure SparkCharge products are capable of providing consistent and reliable coverage at all times, the SparkCharge SCOPE team aimed to introduce retrofittable solutions to the Roadie V3 system that eliminate vulnerabilities during severe weather conditions.

Faculty Advisor:

  • Lawrence Neeley

Team Members:

  • Audrey Abraham
  • Carlo Colizzi
  • Sofia Goldberg
  • Jong Ho Lee
  • Moisés Sabido García

Project Poster