Cost of Attendance

The annual “Cost of Attendance” is determined by adding up all costs –both those billed by the college and other expenses incurred by the family – for the academic year.

As a result, the cost of attendance used to determine aid eligibility is higher than what you will see on your billing statement.  Keep in mind that due to our generous financial aid policies most students pay significantly less.  Our affordability facts demonstrate our commitments in the area of financial aid. Visit the College Scorecard for more fast facts about Olin - our costs and outcomes. 

2024-25 Direct Costs

Tuition* $61,772
Housing $12,324
Food   $8,486
Student Activity Fee      $270
General Fee   $1,700
Laptop Fee**   $2,656


Estimated Indirect Expenses

Books + Supplies    $240
Travel $1,666
Personal    $555


Total Cost of Attendance Before Financial Aid  $89,669

* The Olin Tuition Scholarship is a merit scholarship given to all admitted students. It is valued at $30,886 for the 2024-25 academic year. In addition to the merit scholarship, Olin is also committed to meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need for eligible students. All institutional aid is available for 8 semesters of full-time study. Please refer to Understanding your Aid for specific requirements.

**The Laptop Fee is required and charged in the first year only. This cost is inclusive of sales tax and is billed by Student Accounts in 2 installments.

Direct Costs

Tuition $59,972
Room $11,738
Board  $8,082
Student Activity Fee       $80
General Fee  $1,650
Laptop Fee**  $2,656


Indirect Costs

Books + Supplies    $216
Travel $1,508
Personal    $472

Total cost of attendance (before financial aid): $86,474

Consult with Student Accounts for specific billing and cost information. Health insurance coverage is required of all enrolled students. Students have the option of utilizing comparable personal insurance or using the college sponsored plan. If you are using the college sponsored insurance – that premium will be considered for financial aid eligibility once coverage is confirmed.  

Net Price Calculator

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