Smart Shoes and Community Spaces on The Wire

Olin’s online news channel, The Wire, takes a closer look at what makes Olin tick. Featured stories include: a look at Boardbot, a thrift shop field trip and a review of Olin’s Fall EXPO. #TheWireatOlin

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Check out the Smart Step story

A team of Olin students won a prize for Smart Step, a shoe that helps older adults detect obstacles. Smart Step was conceived and created at an intergenerational hackfest at North Hill, a senior living community in Needham.

Shifting Space in Central Square

Olin senior Aaron Greiner and recent Olin grad Alisha Pegan set up a temporary living room outdoors in Central Square. The duo wanted to see how people would interact with a dramatically changed space. Curious locals couldn’t resist the pop-up living room. 

Collaborate with Olin

Olin is more than just a laboratory for innovation in engineering education on our own campus. We are also a “Collaboratory,” dedicated to inspiring, enabling and equipping transformational educational experiences with and for other institutions.

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The Olin Collaboratory Summer Institute provide participants from around the country and around the world with the opportunity to conceive and catalyze change in engineering education. Apply today.