Aerodyne designs and manufactures top-of-the-line scientific instrumentation to measure the physical and chemical properties of air pollution. In an effort to aid the gathering of higher spatial resolution data in expanded environments, Aerodyne has created ARISense: a low-cost integrated air quality (AQ) sensor system for use in distributed AQ monitoring networks. The Aerodyne SCOPE team is focused on expanding the applications of ARISense, creating a more modular, miniaturized system, diversifying use-cases beyond fixed-site stationary networks. The Aerodyne SCOPE team uses Autodesk applications to design their prototypes to ensure reliable mechanical systems that will improve the versatility and reliability of ARISense applications. By May of 2017, the team will have completed fabrication, calibration, and testing such that the new prototype can be distributed to townships in South Africa in conjunction with an Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship (ADE) team.

Faculty Advisor

Scott Hersey

Team Members

Riley Chapman

Yun-Hsin Chen

Juanita Desouza

Kyle Flores

Pratool Gadtaula