Computer Vision in Transportation Safety

We focused on finding and implementing an impactful, data-oriented​ means of improving transportation safety. We spent our first semester investigating this complex space and the various groups invested in safety: engineers, towns, academics, advocacy groups, startups, and data analysts. Based on our conversations with these groups, we discovered multiple areas where we -- and future Santos Family Foundation SCOPE teams -- could effect meaningful change. In our second semester, we decided to focus on one of these areas: providing citizen groups and transportation engineers with the ability to generate compelling evidence for infrastructure change.​​ We chose to do so by making recent advances in computer vision research accessible to engineers and citizens alike.  In recent years, movements toward safer infrastructure have gained steam, and we hope our solution can be a part of this growing movement. ​

Santos Family Foundation Poster

Faculty Advisor:
Rebecca Christianson

Team Members
Tenzin Choetso
Ryan Eggert
Joseph Gibson
Samantha Kumarasena
Ankeet Mutha
Anne Wilkinson