Olin Learning Labs

Join us for a series of content-rich seminars designed to build your skills and enrich your knowledge on a range of topics.

The best part? The seminars are led by Olin alumni. 

These learning labs are part of lifelong learning and are designed to be multi-faceted. Join to enrich your own professional development, your curiosity, or just for fun.  The time commitment for an Olin Learning Lab seminar can be as little as a few hours to a deeper dive requiring more of a time commitment. These are live, virtual seminars – and will be recorded in case you have to miss a meeting.  

Past Learning Labs

Technical Learning Labs

Learning Python for a Career in Software Ryan Mitchell ‘11 5 sessions - Jan-Feb 2023
Algorithms Vicky McDermott ‘20 & Prava Dhulipalla ‘20 2 Sessions -August 2022
Designing Gorgeous UI: The Engineer’s Guide< Erik Kennedy ‘10 October 26, 2021
Software Engineering in Today’s World Dave Gaynor ‘13, Andrew Heine ‘13, Vicky McDermott ‘20, & Aaron Greenberg ‘13 3 Sessions - Summer 2021
Data Science -  As Narrative Ingrid Hagen-Keith  ‘15 7 Sessions - Summer 2021
Thermodynamics All Around Us Amos Meeks'14 6 Sessions - Summer 2021

Sustainability Learning Labs

Wind Energy Erika Boeing, Meg Lidrbauch and Ellie Funkhouser October 11, 2023
Energy Systems Emily Guthrie ‘16 and Ert McMullen ‘13 September 20, 2023
Software Careers in Climate Jaime and Jason Curtis '12 and Steven Zhang '12 May 31, 2023

How Will We Feed Our Planet? (Part 1)

 Jake Felser ‘11 (Host), Panelists:

  • L Stupin ‘07 - Data Scientist Product Manager at PivotBio
  • Lauren Hafford ‘07 - Evaluation Coordinator for Farmers Advancing Regenerative Management Systems  (FARMS) Project
  • Christie Lee ‘07 - Founder of Nourishing Food Marketing
  • Mariko Thorbecke ‘16   - Climate Change and Agriculture Consultant



(In-person, Alumni Weekend)

How Will We Feed Our Planet? (Part 2)

Jake Felser ‘11 (Host), Panelists:

  • Bryn and Clark McPheeters ’09 – Owner-Operators, Family Farm in Nebraska
  • Tiana Veldwisch ’08 - Director of Product Management at Indigo Ag
  • Mariko Thorbecke ‘16 - Independent Climate Change and Agriculture Consultant
November 17,2022


Ethics Learning Labs

 Ethics in Technology Evan Dorsky and Shane Skikne March 1, 2022

‘What Can A Body Do?  How We Meet the Built World’ Discussion Group

Prof. Sara Hendren October 3, 2022
Using Your Skills to Power Tangible Change Kelsey Breseman November 15, 2022
Aviation Safety and the Boeing 737 Max  Olin Parent Javier de Luis  January 25, 2023


Entrepreneurship Learning Labs

Building New Ventures for Social Impact Lee Edwards ‘07, Leif Jentoft  and Hari Iyer ‘13 January 25, 2022

Careers Learning Labs

Design a Career That Fits, Without the Pressure  Lindsay Gordon ‘07 2 Sessions - Summer 2022
Get the Computer Science Job of Your Dreams Jonah Spear ‘19 February 23, 2022
Hardware Engineering in the Silicon Valley  James Nee  ‘15 November 3, 2021
Software Job Search and Interview Strategies  David Abrahams ‘18 September 29 2021
Career Advice for All Lindsay Gordon ‘07 2 Sessions - Summer 2021