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Greentown Labs is the largest ClimateTech startup incubator in North America - the Somerville, MA and Houston, TX locations provide housing, lab/shop space and other support to 200+ climateTech startups


Impact-Centered Collaboration

Olin is a Megawatt Partner to Greentown Labs, encouraging impact-centered collaboration between Olin students, faculty, and alumni and climateTech startups working on innovative technologies in alternative energy, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation and building efficiency.  The goal is to bring these sustainability-focused engineers in to Olin’s classrooms and community, and to facilitate the recruitment of students and alumni, as well as deeper collaborative projects. 

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Olin students at Greentown Labs
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Greentown Labs' mission

to design a more sustainable world closely aligns with Olin's mission to graduate engineers who have the skills and desire to make the world a better place...Over the years, our students have benefitted from their experience as interns at Greentown Labs, and now I am looking forward to a closer relationship with this vital startup incubator."

Olin President Gilda Barabino

Greentown Labs Board of Directors Member

Greentown Labs Board of Directors


What does impact-centered collaboration look like?


Greentown Labs Career Fair


An increase of interns and alumni working at Greentown Labs companies in the areas of agriculture, water, smart wearables, alternative energy and battery storage.

Students regularly attending career fairs and tours at the Greentown Labs facilities (2 per year).

Ben Linder at Greentown Labs


Faculty conduct office hours at the Somerville location, checking in with founders and engineers about their technical and recruiting challenges.

Professor Ben Linder provided a workshop on Lifecycle Analysis to founders and engineers.

Helen Donis Keller at Greentown with Ben Linder and class


Professor Helen Donis-Keller brings her Biomes, Climate Change and BioDiversity Class to Somerville for a tour and organizes talks from plant-based companies like Tender and Circe BioSciences.

In collaboration with Olin dining staff, Prof. Donis-Keller hosted Tender who ran a taste-testing session with students, testing and collecting data on their new plant-based meat product.

To learn more about our Greentown Labs partnership, contact Sally Phelps, Director of External Programs and Partnerships.