First Year Experience


Olin's orientation is a five-day program that aims to provide a smooth transition to life at Olin. After moving into the residence halls, you and your family can meet and mingle with Olin staff and digest some information about the college. Then you'll bid farewell to your family and jump right into life at Olin. Your first week at Olin will include helpful discussions with college administrators and faculty members as well as exciting excursions, such as getting to know the greater Boston area.

By the end of the program, you'll be well acquainted with your peers and the college. You'll be ready to launch into classes and the ongoing development process that is Olin. If you have any questions about arrival day and orientation, email:

Your first days on campus:

  • Most First Year students will move in on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023, between 10:00AM-12:00PM.  (International students are invited early by Courtney Beach, our Assistant Director for International Programs.) Our first day will be a busy one with folks moving into West Hall (First Years will almost all be on the 2nd and 3rd floors).  Our current plan is to have lunch after move-in, gather at 2:00 for introductions, have a few hours of free time in the afternoon, and then say farewell to parents & families by 7.  At 7PM we will officially kick off Orientation week.
  • The following week will be jam packed with opportunities to learn about how to get the most from your next four years at Olin and meet your peers in the Class of 2027.
  • Sunday, August 27th returning students move in and that evening you will get to meet your SIBBs at the welcome back BBQ.  The next day you will meet your advisor among a final few Orientation sessions.
  • Tuesday, August 29th is the first day of classes!



First-year students are always curious about what courses they will be taking at Olin and how they will register. Don’t worry!  When it comes to registration for first-year students, we strive for the ‘happiness factor.’ Relax and enjoy the summer!

In case you still want to know more, here are the basics:

  • All first year students enroll in the same set of “like” courses
  • You’ll be enrolled in cool topics like "Introduction to Sensors, Instrumentation, & Measurement", "Modeling and Simulation of the Physical World" and “Design Nature”
  • If you want to know more about courses you’ll be taking during the first year check out the Semester Offerings and Course Listings 
  • You will also participate in a preference based Arts, Humanities and Social Science Foundation course. More information on course titles will be available when you arrive during Orientation.
  • Additionally, you will find the First Year Seminar, called the “OFYI” for Olin First Year Introduction on your schedule in September. This 1 credit course was co-designed by Olin students and covers everything from working in teams to helping you write a resume that will help you get your first internship.
  • Lastly, you can elect to join the Olin Conductorless Orchestra for 1 more credit in the fall semester. We will fill in interested students during orientation!

Welcome to Olin and see you soon!