Title IX Resources

Resources are available for all community members who would like support, resources and/or an incident investigated by Olin, pursuant to the Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct and Title IX Policy. 

To request academic, living, transportation, working or other accommodations and adjustments, please contact the Title IX Coordinator.


Report to the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinator for resources, guidance and/or investigation by the college.

Justin M. Bell, JD (he/him)
Title IX Coordinator- Director of Non-discrimination Initiatives
781.292.2408 Milas Hall 325

Guilene Prepetit (she/her)
Deputy Title IX Coordinator & HR Generalist
781.292.2411 | Campus Center 332

Contact the CRP for information on reporting options, counseling & medical services, disciplinary process, & the legal process concerning such incidents as carried out through local law enforcement agencies.

Frances J. Mantak, MPH (she/her)
Director of Wellness and Confidential Resource Provider
781.292.2329  | Campus Center 318

Dr. Jonathan Adler (he/him)
Professor of Psychology and Confidential Resource Provider
781.292.2583 | Milas Hall 368

On-call resource and referral for Olin students

Peer Advocates (PA’s) are a group of independent and trained students at Olin who seek to provide resources around healthy relationships, sexual decision making, and consent while also serving as a peer support for victims of sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and/or any other unwanted or concerning behavior of a sexual nature. This program was founded by Kate Maschan (class of 2015) in the fall of 2014 as part of her AHS Capstone project.

Note: The Peer Advocates (PA's) are not an official student organization at Olin College. As an independent and trained group of students, the PA's views and actions do not represent that of the Title IX Office or Olin College. For information regarding the Title IX process please review Olin's Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct and Title IX Policy and/or contact jbell@olin.edu


Report to Public Safety for safety concerns and criminal prosecution

Connect with Public Safety

Individual counseling via walk-in or telehealth, including crisis appointments.

Connect with Olin Counseling and Mental Health Providers


Health services, physical exams and testing for sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) and pregnancy.


Connect with Babson/Olin Health Services


Olin-sponsored counseling providers - Mental health and counseling appointment

FrankCares provides free access to additional mental health services. Whether students are on campus, studying from home or studying abroad, FrankCares is here for them and offers a continuum of support.  

 A 24/7/365 mental health support line for in-the-moment support from counselors and linkages to next steps, regardless of time of day or location – Students can call 833-434-1217 to reach the 24/7 support line

  • Free telehealth or off campus face-to-face counseling sessions. These are available to students no matter where they are (on or off campus, any state or internationally) and no insurance necessary.
  • Meditation and Mindfulness App – Students now have access to a Headspace subscription for free. It helps students build coping and resiliency skills and offers more than 1,000 hours of mindfulness and mental well-being content. Students can download their free subscription here or by going to the Headspace tile on the wellness hub.
  • The Wellness Hub which includes articles and videos on mental health and wellness topics including: Mental and Emotional Health, Fitness and Nutrition, Academic Performance, Stress Management, Healthy Relationships and more– To access the Wellness Hub go to Frankcareshub.com or download the CampusWell app at campuswell.com/get-the-app.
  • Self-guided online mental health & wellness program – With SilverCloud, students learn how to manage stress, and this online tool also teaches better coping skills, helps with managing emotions, and more! Students even have an option to work with a coach if they prefer. 
  • One-on-one personal assistance for students to help navigate any challenges or barriers students may face in reaching mental health support. This includes assistance with accessing mental health providers, specialty providers, housing and food supports and or other services that will help support your academic success.