Olin College professor remembers Facebook whistleblower: The Boston Globe

After Frances Haugen '06, a member of the first graduating class of Olin College, revealed herself as the Facebook whistleblower on 60 Minutes in October, media organizations all over the world wanted to find out more about her, including were she got her start.

In this October 4, 2021 The Boston Globe article, Debbie Chachra, remembers the Facebook whistleblower as a bright, committed student. 

“She was not just brilliant as most of our students were and are, she was enthusiastic, she was committed ... She was the student who always had her hand up,’' said Chachra, who taught Haugen.

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Professor Debbie Chachra remembers Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen '06, as "a bright, committed student."

Image by The Boston Globe.

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Frances Haugen '06, alumna, appearing before Congress in 2021