Francesca Majluf


Research Program Manager; Adjunct Instructor


Francesca Maljuf Portrait


  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, MIT


  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Air Pollution
  • Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Leadership

Francesca is passionate about environmental justice and works with local communities to improve their health through the betterment of their air quality.

Before joining Olin, she spent several years conducting atmospheric chemistry research with mass spectrometers. She traveled around the country studying air quality in metropolitan areas, wildfires and petroleum refineries, as well as collaborating with research institutes and universities on breakthrough technology.

At Olin, Francesca works as the Air Partners Research Program Manager, and advises students in the ADE class. She loves working with her students through technical and social challenges, and emphasizes leadership values in her teaching. Outside of work, she can be found hiking in the White Mountains, baking elaborate cakes, ballroom and latin dancing, and playing board games with friends.