Heads or Tails: The Choice to Come to Olin!

Hey, my name is Esther and I’m a first year here at Olin! It might surprise you to know that choosing Olin involved flipping a coin between my top choices, but and let me tell you, I couldn't be happier with my decision. My experiences here have been nothing short of the silly, amazing, random, serendipitous journey that I only hoped to have when I went to college. 

As I reflect on why I was apprehensive about Olin and the reasons behind my choice, I can categorize them into two main aspects: the technical and the social. Both are incredibly educational in their own unique ways. 

Let's dive into the technical side first. The idea of attending a dedicated engineering school initially intimidated me. As someone with interests in humanities, biology, and other various non-engineering subjects, I was a bit nervous about having such an engineering focus in Olin. But I was happily mistaken. Olin doesn't limit you to one subject. For instance, I now feel inspired to create and develop the E: Bio major. Having the opportunity to talk to our president, Gilda, at a Biomedical Science Careers Program (BSCP) dinner (good steak), I discussed what changes we could make at Olin and what future endeavors we will create together. Currently, I’m taking Intro to Creative Writing, and it is one of my favorite humanities classes yet; next semester, I hope to take a tissue-building class. And of course, I love all our project-based engineering classes. I’ve talked to students who are pre-med, pre-law, interested in public policy, interested in chemical engineering-- all is possible at Olin through our classes, cross-registering at other schools, and having the drive to make your education your own. 

The social aspects of Olin made me scared of how I would fit in. At such a small and intimate school, it was daunting to force my way into such a tightly-knit community. Witnessing these interactions, I couldn't help but wonder if I would find my place. Such close connections between students, the support from professors, the warm-hearted dining hall staff, and the overall kindness that threads through everyone here is apparent the second you set foot on campus. And in this tiny school, I’ve found those who share similar interests and will geek out with me. I’ve gone to my first concert with Oliners. I’ve gone through way too long road trips with Oliners. I’ve trauma-bonded over QEA homework with Oliners. I will have the deepest and most meaningful conversations with someone I’ve barely talked to before that interaction at 3 A.M. I will order late night (or I guess early morning) McDonald’s in the lounge, and I always know there’s someone to split it with me. 

From my perspective, Olin is a place where you can truly discover yourself, find your community, and nurture your passions. Olin fills me with pride, and I'm excited to see where this journey takes me. I'm confident that Olin is the perfect place for it. 

Multiple Olin students sitting at a lunch table smiling in the dining hall
Here's me and some friends in the dining hall together!