It's Late March...

And just like that, it’s late March.

A lot has happened since Candidates’ Weekends (CWs). The world has been disrupted in incredible ways, and communities everywhere are sad, frustrated, and scared. Here at Olin, we are doing our best to stay optimistic and connected with each together, looking for the wonderful, surprising moments that can be found during this uncertain and historic time. 

Reflecting on Candidates’ Weekends (which feels like they were ages ago), I cannot help but be awed by our amazing Candidates. I am so grateful for the outstanding CWs planning and execution by the Admission and Financial Aid team, as well as the great support we receive from folks across campus. I met so many interesting, humble, kind, funny and brilliant students throughout CWs. While tiring, CWs are absolutely my favorite part of the admission process, if not the year. Thank you to every Candidate for coming to Needham (in person or via Zoom!) and sharing yourself and your story with us.

After Candidates’ Weekends, my job shifts radically from perhaps the one of the best deanships in higher education to one of the most difficult. As I said at CWs, Olin is small. We are so fortunate to have a deep and talented group of applicants and Candidates, nearly all of whom I have met in person. This reality makes every decision personal and especially poignant. The Admission Committee makes every decision with great care and consideration. And it is nearly time to share them with you.

We will release decisions very soon (like tomorrow afternoon, March 27). As I mentioned at CWs, you will get that cryptic email that will prompt you to log into your applicant status page to view your decision. Before you do, take a breath. It’s been a trying few weeks, with more to come. Take a moment for yourself now to reflect. Often, we are so focused on where we are going, we don’t take the time to appreciate where we are and where we have been. Pause and be proud of who you are right now. If you did not complete your CWs homework (which was to thank your parents, teachers, friends, mentors and siblings for helping make you the remarkable people you are today!), now’s the time!

When you log in to receive your decision, some Candidates will receive happy news, some sad news and some that may take a little more time to process. Regardless of the decision you receive, know that we here at Olin are so grateful to count you among our Candidates.

I know you have many excellent options for college. If Olin is among them, check out the slate of virtual activities we have on deck to help you make your decision (the details are in your portal and will be emailed to you soon!). We are devastated that we cannot have you back to campus at this time, but we’ll be available to help via email and Zoom and social media.

To everyone: do your best to listen to your gut and enjoy the coming weeks as you make your decision and conclude your college admission journey. I wish you the very best of luck!