Jerry Goss ’22 Joins DRF Engineering

Many thanks to DRF Engineering for this great feature about Junior Jerry Goss, who is their Electrical Engineering intern this summer! Read the Q&A Feature that appeared on their social media this week, below:

DRF is pleased to welcome Electrical Engineering Intern, Jerry Goss, to our team for Summer 2020! Jerry is a Junior at Olin College of Engineering, majoring in Electrical & Computer Engineering. When he isn’t working, Jerry enjoys rock climbing, drawing, yoga & meditation, and playing Pokémon (he has currently played up to Gen V).

Why Electrical Engineering?

“I think electronics and technology have fundamentally changed the world we live in. By being an intern here, I have a constructive educational workspace, so that I can learn to create in a way that interests me, and enables me to urge the world onward now, and in the future.”

Why DRF?

“I really wanted to gain some constructive exposure to working on electrical systems, and I got the feeling that DRF was focused on constructive experiences, education, and quality work, in a manner that I definitely feel is benefiting my undergraduate studies.”

What’s Next?

“In my electrical engineering journey, I'm really hoping to gain a good understanding of computer architecture, sustainable energy, and power electronics. Personally, my goal right now is to gain a lot more comfort with software and data, because I think that there’s a lot of different ways that data can create environmental and social change.”

Watch a video of Jerry helping to conduct a shutdown test at DRF for a node boost converter!