Life at the Woodland Harvest Farm

Designing a humanure biogas digestor.

Sleeping in tents through cold and rainy nights. 

Building a hexagon house, renovated bus, art studio and elderly-accessible cabin to get us out of the tents on cold and rainy nights.  

Restoring a microhydro turbine to power one of the cabins.

Growing food, planning and cooking, tending to the animals.

Taking classes online…when the wifi works.

Enabling off the grid power production from solar panels.

Celebrating the Equinox. 

Being mindful.

Connecting with nature. 

Learning to get along.

This fall, 13 students (11 from Olin, 2 from Wellesley), created a sustainable micro-campus at the Woodland Harvest Mountain, an off-grid, permaculture farm in North Carolina.  They are doing everything from farming to building structures to installing solar panels.

Olin students are Anya Jensen, Carlos Godinez, Jasmine Kamdar, Jeremy Skoler, Katie Goldstein, Leon Santen, Mia Skaggs, Odalys Benitez, Riley Zito, Sebastian Calvo. Nicola van Moon. 

Wellesley students are Whitney Xu and Drew Chasse. 

See their faces, learn of their progress and hear their stories.

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