Office of Admission & Financial Aid hosts in-person Mix & Mingle Fly-In

Olin recently hosted its first in-person Fly-In program since 2019. This two-day event welcomed high school seniors from around the country with strong potential for Olin’s collaborative, project-based engineering curriculum. With transportation sponsored by Olin, the focus was to provide access for those historically underrepresented in STEM fields and may not have the financial resources to support a trip. Hosted by the Office of Admission and Financial Aid and a student-led organization called the MIX (Multicultural Innovators eXperience), the students were able to check out classes, meet faculty, and join in on Olin traditions.

Once the students arrived, they first took a tour of campus then had dinner and a s’mores night with fellow Oliners. The following day, the students attended a first-year class called Design Nature. In this class, students have two months to design and iterate a hopper using biomimicry and limited materials. The fly-in students dived in as they designed prototype hoppers using cardboard and rubber bands. What stood out to Julianne who came from Southington, Connecticut was “getting to build bonds with students and professors and seeing what the community is really like day to day.”

The MIX, is an organization on campus that strives towards personal, professional, and community growth! By highlighting the diversity of our campus through cultural events, guest speakers, and professional development workshops, they bring together a passionate group of students. The MIX is always super excited to co-host this fly in because they know that they can provide a real and unique experience to the prospective students coming to campus. They love connecting with them and hosting them overnight as it’s so much fun for everyone! Olin College looks forward to seeing them apply this fall!

Check out the MIX & Mingle video here:

Watch an Instagram Reel featuring a few of the students!

-Pauline Petersen ‘26