Playing an Instrument Safely During The Pandemic Tehya Stockman ’19

Tehya Stockman ‘19  is studying the aerosol dynamics of band practice at CU Boulder, and her research will inform coronavirus regulations for bands all around the country.  Check out this exclusive interview with Tehya on the Flying Baton Podcast. 

A few COVID-related highlights:

1. The jury is still out on how transmissable COVID is through aerosols. The CU boulder study isn’t testing viral transmission, only aerosol generation. The CDC isn’t sure how transmissible COVID is through aerosols.

2. Flute (possibly) generated LESS aerosols than other instruments. More testing happening

3. Plastic face shields are ineffective! (So don’t buy those either)

4. Brass bell covers were effective but entirely dependent on fabric type. More testing is happening, so don’t buy anything yet

5. Don’t be in a room longer than 30 minutes if possible – choir should be held outside. 

6. Even if HVAC is on, it’s better to open windows than not to.

7. Clarinet bags aren’t actually recommended yet.

8. Buzzing a mouthpiece possibly generates more aerosols than any instrument until a good cover solution is found