Prepare for the Fair: Greentown Labs Edition 

Greentown labs logo


Greentown Labs is a climatetech engineering incubator with two locations – Somerville MA and Houston TX – that provides housing, lab/shop space and other support to 200+ ClimateTech startups.  In Fall of ‘21, Olin and Greentown Labs signed an LOU bringing Olin on as a Megawatt partner to Greentown.   Greentown Labs hosts 2 career fairs each year - an internship fair in the Spring, and a career fair in the Fall. These events are used to promote opens at their cilmatetech start-ups, as well as offer a peek into the GTL incubator office space, and an opportunity to network with other sustainability-focused people. Greentown Labs also manages a list of open positions year round on their website. 

Here is a current list of their job openings and internships.  

Keep in Mind: 

 - The above link is the GTL main site for finding jobs.  Check this site, but ALSO check the individual sites of the startups you are interested in, they may have more current  listings.   

 - Some of the listed startups are located at the main Somerville location, others have moved out into their own space after getting their start at Greentown.   

 - These are startups.  They often don’t have HR departments, or a lot of people on their team.  They run lean.   Understand that response time may be a bit slower than it would be in larger companies.   


People and Resources who can help you make connections or learn more about companies at Greentown Labs: 

 - College to Climate (C2C) is a Greentown Labs partner company who supports students at the Greentown Labs events. They are dedicated to helping college students find jobs and internships in climate. To become better informed and prepared in this space, join the C2C.  Learn more and register here

 - Sally Phelps, - Sally is Olin’s primary contact at Greentown – she knows lots of people there.   

 - Ben Linder, - Ben knows ALOT about climate justice and climate tech, and can help you evaluate a company from many different angles.   --