Why is financial aid so confusing?

Welcome to It Takes A Village, our podcast for parents and families of college-bound students!

Episode 4: Why is financial aid so confusing?
We invite a current Olin student and an experienced financial aid parent to play our game show, "The Price is Confusing," and help us answer the age-old question: Why is financial aid so confusing?

The podcast guests.

Ann Hession (left) is a mother of two (including Alia, one of the hosts of It Takes A Village) who has navigated the process of applying for financial aid several times. She is pictured here with her dog, Basha.

Patrick Ogunbufunmi is a sophomore at Olin College of Engineering currently studying Electrical and Computer Engineering, with an avid love for soccer, computers, and gaming.

The podcast hosts.

It Takes A Village is hosted by Alia Georges (Olin's Assistant Director of Admission & Financial Aid Counselor) and Dan Johnston (Olin's Regional Admission Counselor).