Co-Curricular: Fondue-it-Yourself

A look inside the Spring 2022-23 Fondue-it-Yourself co-curricular:

"The Fondue-it-Yourself co-curricular was started (and short lived) in Spring 2020 to combine cooking and a scientific mindset. Luckily, we got to revive the co-curricular this spring." - Steve Matsumoto, faculty sponsor.

Description: In this co-curricular, participants learn about, and experiment with, four key components of a good cheese fondue. Each meeting consists of a short lesson on a component of cheese fondue, followed by an experiment and tasting session. The co-curricular meets four times over the course of the semester.

A photo of three sets of hands dipping pieces of food on metal sticks into cheese fondue.

During the Fondue-it-Yourself Spring 2022-2023 co-curricular, participants are learning about, and experimenting with, the key components of a good cheese fondue. Photo by Mira Chew '26.

"We broke down the various components of cheese fondue and played with different combinations of ingredients, using a control recipe and 1-2 test recipes each time. Through the process, we learned how to break down a dish into simple components and see the depth of variety we could get by swapping out one component at a time," adds Matsumoto.

Staff/Faculty Sponsor(s): Stephanos Matsumoto

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A student enjoys some cheesy fondue during a recent co-curricular session.

A student enjoys some cheesy fondue during a recent Fondue-it-Yourself co-curricular session. Photo by Mira Chew '26.