A look inside the Spring 2022-23 Ga-Ga-Ball! co-curricular: 

"The gaga pit co-curricular was created to combine engineering with play! As a class we designed the pit, took a trip to Home Depot to buy the supplies, and built the pit over the course of a few weeks. We learned about designing for the elements and our users along the way. Stay tuned for more updates to the gaga pit as time goes on." - Corinna Karaemer, staff sponsor.

Description: Calling all MechEs, gym class try-hards, and dirt pit enthusiasts! First, co-curricular participants that answered the call worked to build the GaGa pit. Next up, it's time to play in the GaGa pit!

GaGa is a fun last-person-standing dodgeball- style game played in an octagonal pit. No experience is necessary - sponsors teach the rules and a little bit of history too. Strong potential for muddy mayhem during warmer weather, which is always a plus.

People stand around a newly-built Ga-Ga-Ball pit.

Participants of the Ga-Ga-Ball! co-curricular in spring 2022-23 stand next to the newly-built Ga-Ga-Ball pit. Photo by Mira Chew '26.

“I have enjoyed connecting with people over gaga ball at camps and clubs since middle school, so it was really fun to get to continue that at Olin and create a place for others to do the same. I also feel like I have come closer to the gaga fanatics at Olin which has been really fun. Also, don't worry Corinna, we will conquer Alisha’s kids next time.” - Noah Rand '26, student participant. 

Faculty/Staff Sponsor(s): Corinna Kraemer (with Miriam Rich, '25)

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Two students - one with a cordless drill - are pictured building a Ga-Ga-Ball pit.

Two participants in the Spring 2022-23 Ga-Ga-Ball! Co-Curricular work on building the pit on campus. GaGa is a fun last-person-standing dodgeball- style game played in an octagonal pit. Photo by Mira Chew '26.