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Expanding Global Internet Connectivity with Low-Cost Antenna Control Design

Mangata Networks is a startup founded in 2020, on a mission to create a new paradigm for satellite communications that improves broadband connectivity across the globe. By leveraging the newest technology available to the satellite industry in one seamless system, Mangata Networks is working to become a socially responsible global broadband network services provider that delivers the lowest cost and best connectivity experience to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The SCOPE Mangata Networks team is designing and prototyping an earth-to-satellite handshake, by harnessing a rugged, cost-effective antenna control unit (ACU) that tracks satellites via multiple modes of operation and allows remote control via a user interface. Over the course of the year, the team will research satellite tracking methods, design mechanical and electrical components, develop and test versions of an integrated prototype ACU, create a graphical user interface, incorporate features for interfacing with 3rd-party products, and provide telemetry logging in an economical system. 

Faculty Advisor

Scott Hersey


Team Members

Sebastian Calvo

Kyle Emmi

Jillian MacGregor

Victoria Wyatt

Brandon Zhang