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Olin has partnered with the Broad Institute to provide regular COVID-19 testing to the campus community. Our primary detection strategy is Pooled Testing. Each pooled sample represents 2-10 individuals and is designated either as a student pool or a faculty/staff pool. Each pooled sample returns a result of negative, positive, inconclusive or invalid. If a pool comes back invalid or inconclusive, the individuals in the pool will be asked to retest.  If a pool comes back positive, it is followed up with Individual Testing. Close contacts of positive individuals also receive individual tests. At the direction of Babson Health Services (for students) or Olin’s nurse practitioner for employees, some symptomatic individuals may also have individual tests.  Thus, we expect to see a higher rate of positivity on individual tests than we would if all community members were testing individually each week. These figures do not represent a positivity rate for the entire Olin community.