Frank Talks: Debugging Circuits in the Heart

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Wednesday, March 29, 2023 - 7:00PM EST



Debugging Circuits in the Heart: A cardiologist's perspective on innovation

In 2020 Dr. Rachita Navara founded SafeBeat to help patients with heart rhythm disorders using machine learning. She recognized the need for this technology while taking care of her own patients, and she applied her engineering background to develop prototype software centered on the needs of both physicians and patients. She landed acceptances into highly competitive startup accelerators worldwide including YCombinator, MedTech Innovators, StartX, HeartX, NSF I-Corps, and MIT Engine. She is Principal Investigator on multiple funded clinical trials and has won numerous startup and AI awards. Her ultimate goal is to use technology to revolutionize cardiac care.

About Dr. Rachita Navara '11

Dr. Rachita Navara is a bioengineer and cardiologist subspecializing in electrophysiology – debugging circuits in the heart. She graduated Olin in 2011 and has completed over a decade of training in both clinical medicine and innovation at Stanford, Washington University in St. Louis, and UCSF. Throughout her journey, she had a variety of roles translating technology to medical impact. She is internationally recognized for her innovative arrhythmia research and is the youngest leader in multiple national and international cardiology societies.

Dr.Richita Navara
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