Frank Talks: How Will You Fly Tomorrow?

Ollie Haas '11


Wednesday, March 23, 2022 - 8:00PM EST



How will you fly tomorrow?

Building the world's most sustainable airline.

Featuring Ollie Haas '11

Driven by the conflict between his passions for aviation and the environment, Ollie has embarked on a life-long adventure to learn how to make flying more sustainable.

In this talk, he'll be sharing more about the exciting technologies and trends that will help us take to the skies – and continue traveling our planet – with significantly lower emissions.

About Ollie

Ollie Haas (Class of 2011) has been obsessed with planes since the age of five. He's long dreamed about how to pursue his love of flying without damaging the environment. Today, he is channeling that dream into a mission to help build the world's most sustainable airline using exciting new technologies like hydrogen, battery-electric aircraft and sustainable fuels.

After graduating, Ollie co-founded the sustainable design studio LittleBonsai with fellow Oliner Jake Felser. They worked together to develop the world's most talented keychain and also tried to take on the toothbrush industry. Ollie has led innovation teams at Cathay Pacific – one of the world's top airlines – in developing digital tools for pilots and crew, bringing some smarts to baggage tracking and building the airline's first virtual assistant. He has also helped to transform the thriving tech and innovation consultancy PALO IT into a B-Corp and to build Climate Impact X, a trusted marketplace for carbon credits, in Singapore. 

In his free time, Ollie also blogs about curious topics like whether ants sleep.