Team Grill 2009-2010

Surface Temperature Reduction and Mass Customization of Gas Grills

Team Grill, a local startup company, specializes in the design, production, and decoration of high-end gas grills. What makes these grills special? These bright colored grills showcase the logo of your favorite collegiate or professional sports team with high performance grilling capabilities and user-friendly features such as extendable shelves and concealed control panel.

Team Grill’s SCOPE project was twofold: it focused on developing a “child-safe” ambient-temperature design and mass-customization decoration technology. The goal of the “child-safe” technology was to reduce the surface temperature of the grill lid. The second facet of the project developed technology that will allow consumers to order grills with professionally applied customized images. These two projects helped Team Grill expand its brand recognition in the field of high performance grills.

Team Grill poster

Faculty Advisor
Erik Spjut

Team Members
Rebecca Belisle
Morgan Boes
Pamela Darvirris
Nuntana Dumrongmane (Babson MBA)
Eric Erzinger
Zachary Kratzer
Angela Mao
Jessica Murray