AGCO 2010-2011

Sponsor: AGCO

Smart Rinse Verification System for Agricultural Sprayers

The AGCO SCOPE team developed a smart rinse verification system for a post-emergent agricultural sprayer.  When spraying a field, an operator must switch between chemicals to adjust for different plant conditions and types of crops.  Due to the nature of the chemicals used, the system must be completely rinsed to remove all traces of the old chemicals before new ones are used.  If the sprayer is not fully rinsed, the chemical residue remaining in the system may harm the new crop.  Through research, ideation, design, and fabrication, the Olin team built a prototype system that provides feedback to the operator regarding when it is safe to proceed with loading the new solution.

AGCO poster

Faculty Advisor
Scott Miller

Team Members
Velin Dimitrov
Philip Dirkse
Jacob Felser
Neil Paulson
Christina Powell
Joseph Kelly, Babson MBA