Autodesk 2010-2011

Sponsor: Autodesk

Improving Self-Paced Learning

The Autodesk SCOPE team was tasked with redesigning the software learning experience for students and professionals. The team spent the first semester researching software learning, motivation psychology, skill development, existing CAD program methodologies, game design, and classroom teaching practices to gain a comprehensive understanding of how software learning can be improved. Over the course of one month in San Francisco during the winter break, the team quickly iterated through five versions of their concept for a learning map environment.

Inspired by the technology tree structure of popular videogames, the students devised a linear, nodular system to teach a software program. They layered game metaphors, such as achievements and advancements, into the technology tree in order to motivate learning exploration and aspiration. They imagined a system in which the user would sequentially unlock levels, conquer skill sets, and adventure into unknown learning terrain.

Autodesk poster

Faculty Advisor
Mark Chang

Team Members
Maia Bittner
Hari Iyer
Adam Kenvarg
Marco Morales
Keerthik Omanakuttan
Andy Pethan

Team members sitting and standing around a desk smiling