Draper Laboratory 2010-2011

Sponsor: Draper

Self-Driving John Deere Gator To Push Boundaries of Autonomous Vehicles

Draper Laboratory and Olin College have successfully continued their collaboration to build a capable, autonomous off-road vehicle. This partnership began last year when Olin College students converted a standard John Deere Gator XUV into a robot capable of being controlled by a computer. This year, the Draper SCOPE team enhanced this capable platform to drive through complex environments that require the Gator to detect paths and identify and avoid obstacles in parking lots, on roads and in dense vegetation. To achieve these objectives, the Olin team has overcome challenging technical problems spanning many engineering domains, from artificial intelligence to advanced sensors and high speed computation.

Draper poster

Faculty Advisor
David Barrett

Team Members
Daniel Grieneisen
Nicholas Hobbs
Jacob Izraelevitz
Arash Ushani
Ann Wu