Lexmark 2010-2011

Sponsor: Lexmark

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Data Mining and Print Device Deployment Optimization For Energy and Cost Savings

Lexmark consultants assist customers in making more efficient use of printing devices to reduce cost, save employees’ time, and reduce consumption of paper and electricity. Currently, consultants visit a company to determine the location, capabilities, and usage of current printing devices. They then analyze this data and propose a new configuration in which old devices are replaced with new energy efficient ones and underutilized devices are consolidated. The task of manually analyzing device data is costly and slow. The goal of the SCOPE project was to develop software to facilitate this process by automating the generation of new device configurations. 

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Faculty Advisor
Mark Chang

Team Members
Carisa Leal
Alyssa Levitz
Jacob Miller
Alyshia Olsen
Albert Setjoadi
Rachael Stedman

Students working on a project