MIT Lincoln Lab 2011-2012

Sponsor: MIT Lincoln Lab

Proof of Concept for Innovative Small-Scale Robotic Vehicle: Project Gannet

The MIT Lincoln Lab SCOPE team is building a prototype of a novel robotic vehicle. The flight-capable robot employs a lightweight wing-folding mechanism which allows it to fold its wings and plunge dive into water at an aggressive angle. Once underwater, the robot can be remotely controlled, allowing the user to steer and dive the vehicle. The proof-of-concept system offers insight into the challenges of designing such a unique system and paves the way for building similar systems in the future.

MIT Lincoln Lab poster

Faculty Advisor
Aaron Hoover
Garland O'Connell, angel advisor

Team Members
Andrew Fabian
Yifei Feng
Erika Swartz
Derek Thurmer
Rui Wang

Team picture