Parietal Systems 2011-2012

Sponsor: Parietal Systems

Planning, Sensing and Decision-Making for an Autonomous Mobile Robot

Parietal Systems is a company focused on the development of advanced algorithms for a variety of uses. Specifically, PSI works to apply these algorithms in order to build systems centered on advanced optimization and estimation technologies.

The Parietal Systems SCOPE team is working to complement the company’s strengths through the development of a man-portable robotic platform that can be used demonstrate and inform new algorithms. During the first year of the project, the PSI SCOPE team focused on hardware development for the robotic platform. This year, the team will focus on the design and development of workstation software to allow higher level planning and complex decision making, and to provide an enhanced user interface. The workstation will provide for direct control and supervision of the robot by a remote user, as well as support for computationally complex algorithms.

PSI poster

Faculty Advisor
Siddhartan Govindasamy

Team Members
Jacob Getto
Varun Mani
Andrew Pikler
Natalie Sharpe
Rose Zeller

Team picture